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Rummo Pasta

Pasta Rummo
Pasta Rummo

Brand: Pasta Rummo Model: rumm-fus-48-500g
Fusilli is a typical pasta shape of southern Italy, where the name and precise shape of the sauce-catching spirals vary from region to region according to local tradition.Delightful to eat and extremely versatile.Product in ItalyDurum wheat flourCooking in 8 minutesShort pasta500 gr&n..
65.00 Kč
Brand: Pasta Rummo Model: rumm-spag-3-500g
Whether served with your special sauce, or tomato, or chili and garlic (“Midnight Spaghetti”), Spaghetti Rummo No. 3 is an exemplary representative of the great Italian classic loved the world over.Product in ItalyDurum wheat flourCooking in 9 minutesLong pasta500 gr ..
60.00 Kč
Brand: Pasta Rummo Model: rum-ling-13-500g
Pasta Rummo Linguine n.13 is ideal to create first courses based on fish or seafood sauce. Fast cooking  (10 minutes) and unique taste.Linguine (or Trenette) comes from Liguria, where it’s always been linked to Genoese pesto. It’s extremely versatile, though, and is exquisite with sauces contai..
60.00 Kč
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