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Bring a Taste of Italy to Your Table: Explore Our Selection of Pasta Essentials

This section is your one-stop shop for everything you need to create italian trattoria pasta meals at home. From authentic Italian sauces to delicious accompaniments, we have all the ingredients to turn your pasta into a culinary masterpiece.

All From the Heart of Italy:

We source our products directly from Italy or exclusively made in Italy, ensuring you get the most authentic flavours and highest quality ingredients.

Buon appetito!

Barilla Tomato sauce Bolognese 400g
New Top Brand
Brand: Barilla Model: bar-bologmese-400
Ragù alla BologneseMeat from a controlled supply chain, delicious tomatoes and a slow cooking process. We prepare our Bolognese sauce with patience, knowledge and without added preservatives. This sauce will give your pasta the taste of good Italian cuisine.RECOMMENDED TO BE SERVED WITH:Bolognese sa..
114.00 Kč
Barilla Tomato sauce Napoletana 400g
New Top Brand
Brand: Barilla Model: bar-napolet-400
Napoletana sauce, as the name suggests, reflects the typical Neapolitan passion for good food. As with many Italian and Mediterranean recipes, tomatoes are the main ingredient, to which Barilla has added the sweet taste of onion, the invigorating aroma of garlic and the scent of thyme and parsley. A..
79.00 Kč
Brand: Parmalat Chef Model: Parmalat-Bechamel
Bechamel is one of the most famous sauces in the kitchen, used alone as a smooth and creamy condiment, or even as a base for preparing more elaborate sauces and preparations.It is suitable to make Lasagna, Cannelloni, baked vegetables and much more. Also very good on baked fish, Béchamel Chef i..
36.00 Kč
Model: Sal-om-oliv-capp-250
Ready-to-use BIO condiment for pasta, pizza or other dishes based on cherry tomatoes. It just needs to be warmed up 1 minute. It doesn't need to be cooked.No added sugars, no preservatives.Product suitable for vegetarians and vegans.One bottle contains sauce for 3 portions.After opening, keep refrig..
93.00 Kč
Brand: Citres Model: Citres-pom-secc-filett-290g
Citres Sun Dried Tomatoes in slices are very practical in the kitchen, they are a tasty italian traditional ingredient, easy to use in many recipes. You can create numerous dishes with a bit of fantasy!Their preparation follows a tradition: it starts with high-quality raw material, first choice toma..
100.00 Kč
Brand: Parmalat Chef Model: Parmalat-funghi-Panna
Panna Chef with Porcini Mushrooms has the intense flavor of porcini mushrooms linked to the delicacy of Panna Chef: something unique in the kitchen. It is a product indicated in recipes where mushrooms are already present or to replace them. It is also exceptional on its own to season first courses ..
69.00 Kč
Brand: Parmalat Chef Model: Parmalat-Salmon-Panna
Panna Chef with Salmon is the Chef cream enriched with the best Norwegian smoked salmon, a combination of flavor and delicacy. The great quality of Panna Chef knows how to enhance the flavor of smoked salmon by softening it and making it even more pleasant. It is exceptional in sauces or on its own ..
69.00 Kč
Brand: Citres Model: Citres-articho-gril-230
Fresh artichokes grilled raw and in jars, retain all the original flavor.Versatile in the kitchen, they adapt to many recipes. Starting with the appetizer, they can be used in oil or used to flavor lasagne or pasta but also to enrich soups and broths.Being grilled they are appetizing and delicious, ..
125.00 Kč
Brand: Citres Model: Citres-pesto-genovese-200
Pasta with pesto is the major known Italian first course and one of the best and most simple recipes. Let’s face it, when Genovese pesto is brought to the table it is always a party and when it is genuine, made with the right ingredients, and with the perfect technique,..
87.00 Kč
Brand: Citres Model: pesto-ross-aris-130
Red Pesto is a variant with tomato of the Pesto alla Genovese with basil and parmigiano cheese. It is used as a ready seasoning for pasta.About ArisiFounded in 1958, Arisi firm, originally a family owned oil-mill, is placed in the North-West of Italy, near the frontline with France.Giacomo Arisi enl..
54.00 Kč
Brand: Mutti Model: Mutti-polp-400
The Mutti tomato pulp in very fine pieces maintains all the freshness of the freshly picked tomato. It is a unique product because it combines the pulpy part of tomato juice, chopped into very fine pieces, a feature that makes it resistant to long cooking, even at high temperatures, such as that in ..
67.00 Kč
Pitted Italian Black Leccino Spicy Olives Citres 285g Pitted Italian Black Leccino Spicy Olives Citres 285g
SALE ! -11 %
Brand: Citres Model: Citres-lecc-black-olives-290g
100% Italian olives, pitted, natural black processed in oil with chilli pepper.Pitted black “Leccino” olives with sliced hot peppers, pasteurized in oil, the flavor is intense and bitterish.It can be used as snack, appetizer or condiment for pizza, sauces and salads.Among the most common olive..
100.00 Kč 112.00 Kč
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