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Italian Short Shelf life Products

The products in this section has an approaching expiration date. There is nothing bad for these products, but due to the expired date of minimum shelf life, they are sold at a discount price.

It's a deal !

Brand: Compatibile Italiano Model: compita-goldarab-dg16
-30% This product has an approaching expiration dateAs known, the Arabica blend is a fine coffee that composes this "Compatibile Italiano" coffee capsules, coffee from South America and Africa.A selection of Arabica for an aromatic and delicate coffee.100% ArabicaINTENSITY 9Recommended dispensing: 4..
81.00 Kč 115.00 Kč
Brand: Compatibile Italiano Model: compita-suprem-dg16
-40% This product has an approaching expiration dateA strong and decisive coffee, ideal for those who love Italian Espresso!The best Central African Robusta beans mixed with South East Asian Robusta meet the South American Arabica in this strong and rich coffee, with notes of cocoa and light hints o..
65.00 Kč 108.00 Kč
Brand: Salvadori Model: oil-evo-villa-notfilt-500
-30% This Product has an approaching Expiration DateUNFILTERED EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 100% ITALIANCrude oil is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from Italian olives but not subjected to the filtration process; it preserves the value and the aromatic freshness of freshly squeezed olives, whose sedim..
191.00 Kč 273.00 Kč
Brand: Divella Model: Divella-m-rigat-18-500g
-40% This product has an approaching expiration datePasta Divella Mezzi Rigatoni n.18 is best hold your sauce with their striped surface. Ideal for vegetables or meat sauces 500 gr Durum wheat flourCooking in 9 minutesShort pastaProduct in Italy..
32.00 Kč 53.00 Kč
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