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Ingredients For Pizza

All ingredients to bake our authentic italian Pizza at home

Only quality ingredients from italian brands to make an authentic pizza like as real italian pizzeria

We offer all the quality and authentic ingredients to help you to bake  a Pizza like as italians. 

Model: acciugh-ibucan-78
Anchovy fillets in sunflower oil are ideal for seasoning pizza, preparing pasta dishes, fish or vegetable main courses.Anchovy fillets (anchovies) have an intense flavor that gives dishes a note of the sea and a Mediterranean flavour.I Bucanieri anchovy fillets are fished and produced in Sicily - It..
70.00 Kč
Model: Sal-om-oliv-capp-250
Ready-to-use BIO condiment for pasta, pizza or other dishes based on cherry tomatoes. It just needs to be warmed up 1 minute. It doesn't need to be cooked.No added sugars, no preservatives.Product suitable for vegetarians and vegans.One bottle contains sauce for 3 portions.After opening, keep refrig..
93.00 Kč
Brand: Citres Model: Citres-pom-secc-filett-290g
Citres Sun Dried Tomatoes in slices are very practical in the kitchen, they are a tasty italian traditional ingredient, easy to use in many recipes. You can create numerous dishes with a bit of fantasy!Their preparation follows a tradition: it starts with high-quality raw material, first choice toma..
100.00 Kč
Brand: Le 5 Stagioni Model: 5-Stagioni-pizza-fl-1kg
“00” type flour with a high protein content ideal for make Pizza at Home like as in PizzeriaSoft wheat flour type “00” with medium-high protein content, suitable for all direct and indirect doughs for Pizza Napoletana. This special flour, developed in collaboration with the pizzaioli master chefs of..
64.00 Kč
Brand: Italjidlo Model: Dom-pizza-sada
Do you want to make a perfect pizza at home like as pizzeria ?Introducing our Pizza Set - the perfect kit for any pizza lover! This set includes all the essentials needed to make a delicious homemade pizza. Firstly, the pack of Flour for Pizza Napoletana is made from high-quality wheat and is p..
395.00 Kč
Brand: Monini Italian Oil Model: oil-evo-monini-500
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classic It is a real classic, an oil that is the absolute number 1 in Italy since 1920. Its balanced and with its harmonious taste and aroma, it perfectly complements the taste of all dishes. Classico is ideal especially in salads, it is a great base sauce or marinade,  a..
244.00 Kč
Brand: Diliberto Model: oil-evo-dilib-250
Mille900 PGI Sicily – Sicilian extra virgin olive oilMILLE900® IGP SICILIA is a light fruity oil that offers a delicious balance of tomato and green almond notes. Its sweetness blends perfectly with a light hint of bitterness and spiciness, creating a unique tasting experience.Characteristics:Origin..
244.00 Kč
Brand: Moniga Model: oil-evo-moniga-250
A traditional Italian extra virgin olive oil, sweet and light to the taste, with a delicate scent.Due to its structure it goes well in different dishes without overwhelming the flavors, with a not too strong taste, it is suitable for the preparation of sauces, grilled vegetables ... dishes in which ..
195.00 Kč
Brand: Monini Italian Oil Model: oil-evo-monin-del-500
Monini Delicato is an extra virgin oil made from olives harvested when fully ripe and which, due to its dried almond flavour, enriched with light and pleasant pungency, lends itself to delicate and light cuisine, bringing nature to the table and enhancing it with its genuine essence of quality.Wheth..
244.00 Kč
Model: oil-evo-02-notfilt-250
Only high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil exclusively from olive groves in Western Sicily. The direct control of each phase of cultivation, harvesting and production allows us to obtain: Extra Virgin Olive Oil "0.2". (ZERODUE)Direct producers in Sicily - Italy, since 1949, of an exceptionally aromati..
250.00 Kč
Brand: Salvadori Model: oil-evo-villa-notfilt-500
UNFILTERED EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 100% ITALIANCrude oil is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from Italian olives but not subjected to the filtration process; it preserves the value and the aromatic freshness of freshly squeezed olives, whose sediments can naturally deposit on the bottom of the bott..
273.00 Kč
Brand: Citres Model: Citres-mini-peperonc-290
Mix of Italian Hot Yellow Mini peppers and Extra Hot Red peppers. They are both very spicy, but the red ones are much hotter than the yellow ones, combined together you can have two different grades of spiciness.These peppers are tasty and unique finger food, to be served as an appetizer w..
95.00 Kč
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