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Italian Rice - Pasta - Flour

This category includes a variety of rice, pasta, and flour products that are known for their superior quality, taste, and texture.

Rice is a staple in Italian cuisine and is often used in popular dishes such as risotto, which is a creamy rice dish made with broth, butter, and parmesan cheese. Italian rice, such as Arborio and Carnaroli, are known for their high starch content and firm texture, which make them perfect for creating rich and creamy risottos.

Pasta is another staple in Italian cuisine and is loved all over the world. Italian pasta is made from durum wheat semolina, which is known for its high protein content and chewy texture. Popular types of Italian pasta include spaghetti, penne, and fusilli, which can be served with a variety of sauces, including tomato sauce, pesto, and carbonara.

Flour is an essential ingredient in Italian cooking and is used to make a variety of dishes, including pizza, bread, and pasta. Italian flour, such as Tipo 00 flour, is known for its low gluten content and fine texture, which make it perfect for creating light and fluffy pizza and pasta dough.

In summary, the Italian Rice, Pasta, Flour category offers a range of high-quality products that are essential for creating delicious and authentic Italian dishes. From creamy risottos to chewy pasta and light and fluffy pizza dough, these products are a must-have for any Italian food lover.

Authentic Italian rice, pasta and flour for Italian dishes, buy online

Egg Cannelloni Pasta Le Emiliane Barilla 250g Egg Cannelloni Pasta Le Emiliane Barilla 250g
Top Brand
Brand: Barilla Model: Cannel-bar250
Italian pasta tubes to fill and ready to bake in the oven.Cannelloni have an ancient origin and a long history. Barilla reinterprets this tradition through Emilian egg cannelloni, born from the encounter between authenticity, passion for true cuisine and the desire to amaze with ever new recipes.Ric..
125.00 Kč
Brand: Le 5 Stagioni Model: 5-Stagioni-pizza-fl-1kg
“00” type flour with a high protein content ideal for make Pizza at Home like as in PizzeriaSoft wheat flour type “00” with medium-high protein content, suitable for all direct and indirect doughs for Pizza Napoletana. This special flour, developed in collaboration with the pizzaioli master chefs of..
64.00 Kč
Model: Cannel-camp-250
Italian pasta tubes to fill and ready to bake in the oven.Cannelloni have an ancient origin and a long history. Rich in flavor and ideal for accommodating the most imaginative sauces, they are perfect for your baked recipes.IDEAL WITH:The harmony of flavors created by ricotta and spinach or for..
55.00 Kč
Model: lasagne-camp-500
Craft a delicious and authentic lasagna for your family or next gathering with Campioni Lasagne Sheets. Made from durum wheat semolina, these classic lasagna sheets hold their shape perfectly for layering in your favorite lasagna recipe. * Premium Durum Wheat Semolina: *  Campioni Lasagne ..
79.00 Kč
Brand: Italjidlo Model: box3-Cannell
A Taste of Italy Delivered: Authentic Italian Cannelloni Dinner BoxBring a taste of Italy straight to your kitchen with our Traditional Italian Cannelloni Dinner Box ! This box features all the premium ingredients you need to create a delicious and authentic Italian Cannelloni experience, strai..
399.00 Kč
Brand: Pasini Model: ris-risot-pasini-1k
Big and long Superfine rice with large grains. Appreciated for its excellent cooking resistance, it is indicated for creamed risottos and timbales.Ideal for RisottoCooking Time: 15 - 18 minutesProduced in Italy1 Kg..
87.00 Kč
Brand: Pasini Model: ris-parboil-pasini-1k
For faster cooking, this fine rice is obtained through a process that enriches the grain with the vitamins contained in the husks and gives it its amber appearance.Ideal for Risotto or Rice SalatCooking Time: 13 - 15 minutesProduced in Italy1 Kg..
89.00 Kč
Brand: Pasta Rummo Model: rumm-fus-48-500g
Fusilli is a typical pasta shape of southern Italy, where the name and precise shape of the sauce-catching spirals vary from region to region according to local tradition.Delightful to eat and extremely versatile.Product in ItalyDurum wheat flourCooking in 8 minutesShort pasta500 gr&n..
65.00 Kč
Brand: De Cecco Model: decec-spag-12-500g
Authentic Italian De Cecco pastaSpaghetti are so versatile that they can be served with any condiment, from fish to meat, from vegetables to cheeses, but they are also excellent enjoyed plain, seasoned only with extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of Parmesan.De Cecco uses slow (18 hours) and lo..
68.00 Kč
Brand: Pasta Rummo Model: rumm-spag-3-500g
Whether served with your special sauce, or tomato, or chili and garlic (“Midnight Spaghetti”), Spaghetti Rummo No. 3 is an exemplary representative of the great Italian classic loved the world over.Product in ItalyDurum wheat flourCooking in 9 minutesLong pasta500 gr ..
65.00 Kč
Brand: Divella Model: Divella-spag-ris-500g
Pasta Divella Spaghetti ristorante n.8 is ideal to create first courses based on meat, fish and any type of sauce. Fast cooking and unique taste.500 gr Product in ItalyDurum wheat flourCooking in 7 minutesLong pasta..
39.00 Kč
Brand: Pasta Rummo Model: rum-ling-13-500g
Pasta Rummo Linguine n.13 is ideal to create first courses based on fish or seafood sauce. Fast cooking  (10 minutes) and unique taste.Linguine (or Trenette) comes from Liguria, where it’s always been linked to Genoese pesto. It’s extremely versatile, though, and is exquisite with sauces contai..
60.00 Kč
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