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Buy Online Compatible Coffee Capsules eshop Nespresso* coffee maker with quality italian coffee

Coffee capsules are a convenient and popular way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. Specifically designed for use in Nespresso coffee makers, these capsules offer a quick and easy way to prepare a variety of high-quality coffee beverages.

Made from premium coffee beans and carefully roasted to perfection, Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules deliver a rich and flavorful coffee experience. Whether you prefer a strong espresso or a smooth latte, there is a capsule flavor and strength to suit every taste.

With the convenience of a pre-measured and pre-packaged capsule, brewing a perfect cup of coffee has never been easier. Simply insert the capsule into your Nespresso machine and let it do the rest. No grinding, measuring, or fuss required.

Not only are Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules easy to use, but they also offer a more sustainable option for coffee lovers. Made from recyclable materials, many of these capsules can be recycled to reduce waste and minimize their impact on the environment.

Overall, coffee capsules for Nespresso machines provide a convenient, flavorful, and sustainable way to enjoy your favorite coffee beverages at home.

*Nespresso ® and *Nescafé ® *Dolce Gusto ® are registered trademarks of Nestlé ® S.A. We are not connected with Nestlé® S.A. in any way.

Brand: Caffè Borbone Model: Borb-nesp-ven-a10
SPECIAL OFFER ! 2 pcs for 180 CZKCiao Venezia blend: soft, rich and refined, a blend that makes you fall in love like the beautiful Venice.BODY 7.5/10INTENSITY 7.5/10SWEETNESS 9/10Try the new Caffè Borbone aluminum capsules, compatible with Nespresso®* domestic machines, designed to give you the ple..
96.00 Kč
Brand: Caffè Borbone Model: Borb-nesp-paler-a10
Palermo Magic Blend: intense, full-bodied, with a warm and decisive character like the splendid Palermo.BODY 9.5/10INTENSITY 9/10SWEETNESS 7/10The capsules of the "Magica Palermo" blend are made of aluminum and will win you over by releasing the unmistakable aroma and character of this coffee with a..
109.00 Kč
Brand: Gimoka Caffe Model: gim-nesp-cremo-10
A coffee born from the combination of Central and South American Arabica and beans from the Asian continent, which amazes with its unique softness.A balanced mix of sweet and fruity aromas, combined with biscuits notes that create an enveloping and creamy espresso.Intensity: 10Roasting: mediumCoffee..
78.00 Kč
Brand: Gimoka Caffe Model: gim-nesp-deci-10
An espresso with an enveloping body that expresses a combination of hints of bitter cocoa and dried fruit.The prolonged roasting gives this blend a strong taste and fine woods which releases a prolonged and enveloping scent on the palate.Intensity: 13Roasting: DarkCoffee origin: non-EUPackaging: 10 ..
78.00 Kč
Brand: Gimoka Caffe Model: gim-nesp-vellu-10
Blend of fine arabica qualities that give roundness and delicious notes of chocolate and fruit. The intensity of roasting guarantees a coffee with a strong body and a compact crema.Arabica 100%Intensity: 8Roasting: mediumCoffee origin: non-EUPackaging: 10 x 5,5g of coffeeProduced in ItalyThese Capsu..
78.00 Kč
10 Capsules Lavazza Espresso Qualità Oro for Nespresso Aluminium
New Top Brand
Brand: Lavazza Model: Lavazz-nespr-10-q-oro
Enjoy the perfect symphony of the best Arabica coffee beans enriched with fruity and floral notes. All this is Qualità Oro, the authentic essence of elegance.Creamy coffee with an elegant taste and fruity and floral notes.Sweet tasteAromatic notes: Flowers and fruitRoasting: LightComposition: 100%&n..
133.00 Kč
10 Capsules Lavazza Espresso Qualità Rossa for Nespresso aluminium
SALE ! New Top Brand -46 %
Brand: Lavazza Model: Lavazz-qrossa-10-nesp
A sip of all-Italian happinessBalanced and full-bodied espresso, with an aftertaste of dried fruit and notes of chocolate.Golden CreamRoasting: MediumIntensity 10/13Aluminium capsules guarantee the integrity of the taste and aroma of the coffee.Composition: Arabica and RobustaBox of 10 Capsules..
70.00 Kč 129.00 Kč
10 Capsules Lavazza Espresso Ristretto for Nespresso aluminium
SALE ! Top Brand -12 %
Brand: Lavazza Model: Lavazz-nespr-10ristrett
Be short, be strong, be Ristretto. Less is more, even for coffee. Master blenders crafted this coffee blend to reflect the intense elegance of chocolate and caramel notes.Aluminium capsules guarantee the integrity of the taste and aroma of the coffee.Roast: Dark, slow drumComposition: Arabica a..
119.00 Kč 135.00 Kč
Brand: Compatibile Italiano Model: compita-pist-nespr10
10 capsules of coffee and pistachio flavored drink, Italian compatible, compatible with Nespresso machines.Recommended Dispensing 50mlPack of 10 Capsules (10x7g)Produced in ItalyThese Capsules are compatible only with Coffee Maker Nespresso®* Not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo ®*.*Nespre..
74.00 Kč
10 Capsules Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Compatible with Nespresso
SALE ! -15 %
Brand: Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Model: Segafredo-nespr-10esp
Espresso - the perfect espresso with a typical Italian aroma and velvety foam.Intensity: 9Dark RoastWith Segafredo capsules for Nespresso * coffee machines, coffee lovers can now prepare coffee specialties that meet the trend of sustainable agriculture. New biodegradable coffee capsules for industri..
110.00 Kč 129.00 Kč
Brand: Compatibile Italiano Model: compita-garabic-nespr10
The light roasting of the fine Arabica used for this blend gives the coffee a light and pleasantly acidic body. On the palate, the floral and fruity notes characteristic of African Arabica blend slowly with the acidity of Colombian Arabica, leaving a pleasantly light palate.10 capsules of coffee 100..
79.00 Kč
Brand: Compatibile Italiano Model: compita-garacrem-nespr10
The dark roast of the Arabica used for this blend blends with the strong and full-bodied taste of the Robusta, giving the coffee a persistent and intense body. On the palate the acidic notes of arabica are mixed with the full-bodied robustness giving a pleasant aftertaste of cereals and cocoa.10 cap..
92.00 Kč
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