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Homemade Italian Pizza Set

Homemade Pizza Set
Homemade Pizza Set
Homemade Pizza Set
Homemade Pizza Set
Homemade Italian Pizza Set

Homemade Italian Pizza Set

Homemade Pizza Set

Do you want to make a perfect pizza at home like as pizzeria ?

Introducing our Pizza Set - the perfect kit for any pizza lover! This set includes all the essentials needed to make a delicious homemade pizza. 

Firstly, the pack of Flour for Pizza Napoletana is made from high-quality wheat and is perfect for making a traditional Neapolitan-style pizza. This flour is finely milled and has a high protein content, resulting in a crispy yet tender crust that's sure to impress.

To top off your pizza, we've included two cans of Mutti Pizza Sauce. Made from italian juicy tomatoes, is a rich combination of 100% Italian sun-ripened tomatoes blended with traditional ingredients. Plus, it's already been diced into very fine pieces, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

No pizza is complete without a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and our set includes a bottle of Moniga Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made from olives grown in the Lombardy region of Italy, this oil has a delicate, fruity flavor that pairs perfectly with the other ingredients in the kit.

And as a special bonus, we're throwing in a pizza cutter roller blade for free! This handy tool makes it easy to slice through your pizza without ruining the toppings or the crust.

We also include the authentic italian recipe to prepare the pizza base like as italian pizzeria napoletana.

Overall, our Pizza Set is the perfect way to create an authentic, delicious pizza at home. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, this set has everything you need to make a perfect pizza every time.

You just need to add water, salt, oregano, yeast and mozzarella.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Kg italian Flour for Pizza Napoletana "5 stagioni"
  • 1 Bottle of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Diliberto 250ml. to season the pizza
  • 1 x Mutti Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata 400g for the topping.
  • Pizza cutter (roller blade) in stainless steel 21cm for FREE.

 With the content of this set you may make at least 8 pizzas 25 cm diameter.

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