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Crodino Aperitivo
Crodino Aperitivo

Alcoholic Italian Aperitif Spritz Mix 200ml
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Brand: Crodino Model: spritz-mix-200
Flavored drink based on sparkling wine.Excellent aperitif ready to drink fresh or with ice, and to garnish with a slice of orange. It is recommended to add seltz.Introducing the delicious and refreshing Italian aperitif, Spritz Mix! Perfect for those warm summer evenings or for any occasion that cal..
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Brand: Crodino Model: crod-rosso-8x100ml
Crodino was born in 1965. Its creation came in a historic moment when, in Italy, different liquorists and entrepreneurs were searching for a non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks, as consumers were asking more and more for this kind of product: a trend that is nowadays repeating itself, with consumers..
235.00 Kč
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