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Citres Italian vegetables

Citres Italian vegetables, appetizers, mushrooms, olives
Citres Italian vegetables, appetizers, mushrooms, olives

Brand: Citres Model: Citres-Artichoke-cream
Pasteurized cream ready to useCreamy artichoke spread with the addition of oil, parsley and garlic.Flavor is delicate of fresh artichokes, ideal for filling sandwiches, croutons, toast, as pasta sauce and appetizers.  NO PRESERVATIVES, GLUTEN FREEAfter opening keep refrigerated and consum..
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Brand: Citres Model: Citres-bomba-calab-200
Our Italian Bomba Calabrese is a spicy peppery spread: it is made of chili, eggplant, champignon mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and oregano.Its taste is the spicier you’ve ever tried! Versatile and easy-to-use our Bomba adds a pungent flavor to many dishes: you can spread it on brea..
84.00 Kč
Brand: Citres Model: Citres-pom-secc-filett-290g
Citres Sun Dried Tomatoes in slices are very practical in the kitchen, they are a tasty italian traditional ingredient, easy to use in many recipes. You can create numerous dishes with a bit of fantasy!Their preparation follows a tradition: it starts with high-quality raw material, first choice toma..
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Brand: Citres Model: Citres-articho-gril-230
Fresh artichokes grilled raw and in jars, retain all the original flavor.Versatile in the kitchen, they adapt to many recipes. Starting with the appetizer, they can be used in oil or used to flavor lasagne or pasta but also to enrich soups and broths.Being grilled they are appetizing and delicious, ..
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Brand: Citres Model: Citres-Bruschetta-spread-200
Italian BRUSCHETTA spread is prepared with a mince of natural olives, sundried tomatoes, capers, hot peppers, garlic, and salt. The spread has an appetizing Mediterranean flavor and it’s the ideal dip for Finger Food and creative recipes.For this reason, Bruschetta is the perfect seasoning for first..
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Brand: Citres Model: Citres-mini-peperonc-290
Mix of Italian Hot Yellow Mini peppers and Extra Hot Red peppers. They are both very spicy, but the red ones are much hotter than the yellow ones, combined together you can have two different grades of spiciness.These peppers are tasty and unique finger food, to be served as an appetizer w..
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Brand: Citres Model: Citres-mush-trifo
Roasted champignon mushrooms cut into thin slices, canning broth is a mixture of vegetable broth and spices with the addition of a small amount of sunflower oil. Ideal for pizza or for preparing risotto and pasta. Made from fresh products180g..
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Brand: Citres Model: Citres-pesto-genovese-200
Pasta with pesto is the major known Italian first course and one of the best and most simple recipes. Let’s face it, when Genovese pesto is brought to the table it is always a party and when it is genuine, made with the right ingredients, and with the perfect technique,..
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Brand: Citres Model: pesto-ross-aris-130
Red Pesto is a variant with tomato of the Pesto alla Genovese with basil and parmigiano cheese. It is used as a ready seasoning for pasta.About ArisiFounded in 1958, Arisi firm, originally a family owned oil-mill, is placed in the North-West of Italy, near the frontline with France.Giacomo Arisi enl..
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Brand: Citres Model: Citres-peper-grigliati-230
Italian Grilled Red and yellow peppers, cut in quarters.Peppers are a versatile and tasty dish, to be served as an appetizer with crispy croutons or to accompany meat and fish main courses, as an appetizing side dish that enhances even the simplest dishes.They are already cut into quarters and grill..
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Brand: Citres Model: Citres-olive-grilled-230
Italian Boneless Pitted olives grilled and packed in oil with hot peppers, oregano and garlic.A trendy flavor, ideal for appetizing cocktails and tasty dishes.A unique offer to keep on your shelf. An original idea in the world of grilled veggies.Grilled veggies.Keep far from direct heat source;..
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Brand: Citres Model: Citres-black-olives-290g
Pitted Spanish Black OlivesHojiblanca Confites variety, pitted It can be used as snack, appetizer or condiment for pizza, sauces and salads.Black Olives are rich in monounsaturated fats.Monounsaturated fats are considered to be beneficial for health, and you can find them in various food such ..
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