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01 Jun Insalata di Riso - Rice salad
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Insalata di Riso (Rice salad) is a perfect italian summer cold dish that can be used in different occasions such as BBQ, picnic, lunch in the garden or at home.The ingredients can be adjusted according to own taste and preferences.Ingredients for 3 people:240 gr. of ricemixed vegetables in vinegar or in oil or for rice saladartichokes in oil or gri..
01 Jun Italian Chicken escalope with mushrooms n cheese
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INGREDIENTS400 g Chicken breast sliced300 g Mushrooms - Funghi Trifolati50 g Fontina Cheese or any melting Cheese2,5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil100 ml white wine20 g flour1/2 clove garlicSaltPepperMarjoramINSTRUCTIONSWith a meat mallet beat the chicken slices to obtain thin scallops of uniform thickness, then pass them in a dish with the flour.Heat..
01 Jun Pizza Napoletana
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INGREDIENTS for 4 Pizzas:1 Kg Flour for Pizza 620g Water3g fresh brewer's yeast or 10g dry yeast 5 stagioni28g of salt1 tsp extra virgin olive oilpinch of sugarFor the Topping:Peeled or Passata TomatoesMozzarella for pizzaSaltOreganoExtra virgin olive oil INSTRUCTIONS:Dissolve the yeast in the water with the sugar.Add the water into the flour gradu..
01 Jun Pennette 4 Cheeses
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INGREDIENTS400 g Pasta small example Pennette250 ml Panna Chef 4 formaggi 2 packs50 g Parmesan1 tsp coarse salt alternatively table saltINSTRUCTIONSPut a saucepan with plenty of water on the stove, and bring to a boil.When the water boils, add the coarse salt and the pasta, and cook for the time indicated on the pasta package.In the meantime, take ..
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