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Kimbo il caffè di Napoli

Kimbo il caffè di Napoli
Kimbo il caffè di Napoli

Brand: Kimbo Caffè Model: Kimb-zrn-inte-250
High quality coffee, roasted according to the authentic Neapolitan tradition.A rich, bold and full-bodied taste. The name says it all: Intenso is a mixture of coffee beans with a mellow flavour and unmistakable aroma for you to relish and relax as you experience pure pleasure and recharge your batte..
129.00 Kč
Brand: Kimbo Caffè Model: Kimb-gro-nap-250
It is really good, just like in a it would be served in Neapolitan coffee shop. It has a strong mellow flavour and a rich lasting creaminess: an espresso is coffee at its finest and the highest expression of an altogether Neapolitan art. And KIMBO Espresso Napoletano, with its blend of roasted groun..
146.00 Kč
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